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22/04/13 -

ZephIR Lidar expected to play significant role in Chinese offshore wind projects

A gathering of many leading Chinese wind project developers, consultants and stakeholders has welcomed the introduction of wind lidar provider, ZephIR Lidar, to the local market, working in collaboration with Saiwind Inc. during a technology workshop held in Beijing.

ZephIR provides remote wind speed measurements and characteristics from ground level, both onshore and offshore, in addition to turbine mounted applications through the use of continuous wave lidar technology. Measurements are provided at ranges from 10m to 200m without the need for traditional tall met masts.

The workshop, hosted by ZephIR Lidar and Saiwind Inc – ZephIR Sales Agent in China – introduced the innovative wind lidar technology for remote resource assessment during the assessment of wind farms, to a range of wind related companies in China. The leading wind lidar technology, ZephIR, was reviewed and reflected upon in relation to traditional wind measurement methods. A number of key objectives were also agreed to develop potential pathways to expand the emerging market.

Figure 1: Offshore wind farm workshop held in Beijing, China

The workshop, attended by more than 50 parties represented government agencies, power generation groups, turbine manufacturers, consultancies and research institutes.

In the opening remarks, President of China Wind Power Association Mr. He De Xin expressed that in the context of a government plan to attend IEA Wind seminars, the workshop would provide significant input, and develop a better understanding, of Lidar technology and its application in wind assessment.

Mr.Wang Jixue, Deputy Director of New Energy Dep of Hydropower, Water Resources Planning and Design General Institute, stated that there is a growing competing interest over offshore wind resource around China. There is an urgent need to clarify the key elements for sea utilization and to ensure an integrated offshore wind power supply chain and service systems. To that end, the company are extremely interested in the significant role ZephIR Lidar will play in offshore wind projects.

Ian Locker, Managing Director and Dr. Chris Slinger, Scientific Advisor both from ZephIR presented on the value of ZephIR Lidar in wind assessment in both a ground based application with original technology ZephIR 300, and in a turbine mounted application with new product launch ZephIR Dual Mode which permits both nacelle mounted power curves / yaw misalignment correction as well as ground based verifications in front of the turbine.

Workshop participants confirmed the following four themes:

In the closing remarks, Mr. Hu Lin, CEO of SaiWind Inc, highlighted the need of utilizing the world leading technology – ZephIR Wind Lidar in wind industry for a promising future.

Ian Locker, Managing Director at ZephIR Lidar commented following the workshop: “The Chinese wind energy market is a truly exciting opportunity to utilise our world leading lidar technology to capitalise on the country’s emerging offshore industry whilst also adding real benefit to the existing onshore market. Our new product, ZephIR Dual Mode adds additional benefit to optimising operating wind farms by offering turbine mounted measurements combined with ground based verifications replacing the need for onsite tall met masts.”

Notes for Editors

About Zephir Ltd.

“Celebrating 10 years of wind lidar excellence”

In 2003 we released the first commercial wind lidar, ZephIR®, exploiting decades of research at UK government Research & Development establishment QinetiQ. Designed specifically for the wind industry ZephIR has paved the way for many of the remote sensing devices seen in the market today. Our original lidar technology continues to innovate with world firsts such as taking measurements from a wind turbine spinner and being the first to deploy an offshore wind lidar, both fixed and floating. ZephIR has also now amassed more than 3.5 million hours of operation across 650+ deployments globally spanning a decade of commercial experience. For wind measurements onshore, offshore and in turbine-mounted applications, ZephIR provides accurate, reliable finance-grade wind data.

Zephir Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fred. Olsen Ltd. – established in the UK in 1963 with business interests primarily focussed on renewable energy, including ZephIR.

Visit for more information.

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