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Making a positive contribution to the environment with wind Lidar technology.

We are disruptive,
we are change,
we are a future.

We are ZX Lidars.

Innovation is the heart of what we do. At ZX Lidars we are quietly changing the world by solving problems with science.

Our team of pioneering innovators and experts, our ZX family, are helping drive the transition to renewable energy globally. Our ground-breaking products have changed the way wind is measured, and in doing so accelerated the development of wind projects around the world.

We are proud of all and every member of our company, who continue to challenge and change the way the world is using wind data and are actively contributing to creating a greener world and mitigating climate change.

Our business is structured in to four main focus areas:

ZX Lidars
Our team responsible for developing group strategy and includes business administration, sales, marketing, data, finance and legal professionals. We incubate key and growing parts of the business within this area including our Data & Insights team which combines experts in mathematics, computer science and physics.

ZX Innovations
Our dedicated team focusing on product research and technology, and also new product development. We have a multi-disciplined engineering team including software, electronics, mechanical, development and testing, in association with project managers, algorithm scientists and technicians.

ZX Operations
Our Production Centre of Excellence responsible for quality control & assurance, supply chain management, product technical support, service & warranty and importantly, customer care. Our team consists of engineers, technicians, supply chain co-ordinators, quality assessors, facility staff and MRP expertise.

ZX Measurement Services
Our experienced team providing in-field and service-based offerings in the application, installation and management of ZX Lidars’ Products. Roles include instrumentation engineers and technicians, commercial staff (sales and finance) and project / operational management.

We would love to hear from you if you would like to join one of these teams and contribute to our mission and vision to deploy Lidar technology on every commercial wind project globally, be disruptive and to make a difference.


A wind Lidar on every commercial wind project and integrated into every large wind turbine.

Our Values


This is the cornerstone in all we do. Respect for our environment, our customers, our partners, our company and most importantly ourselves and each other.


We want our customers to love what we do as much as we do. We do our best to make sure that we understand our customers and our customers understand us.


We love science, technology and market development – and making it all mean something for the benefit of our customers and of our team.


Planet, people and company. Without a planet we have no people. Without people we have no company. We must act sustainably in all that we do and reduce consumption, waste and footprint.

Emotional Intelligence

When innovation is at the heart of what you do, emotional intelligence comes hand in hand. We believe we work in the smartest way.


"I talk daily to diverse, capable and interesting staff which really makes a difference in this field. You are never far from someone who has something to add to the situation."

Robin, Senior Electronics Engineer

“ZX are very supportive, friendly and always encourage self-development in their staff - all the qualities I had been searching for and now found."

Ian, R&D Technician

‘’Being able to work with others who also share a passion to make a positive difference is incredibly rewarding.’’

Megan, Environmental & Sustainability Officer

"The ZX team provided the warmest welcome when I joined. What stands out to me about ZX is their modern work practices, green initiatives and the professionalism of all the hard-working individuals in the company."

Renate, Inventory Technician

"There are lots of knowledgeable, experienced and friendly people within the business that have always gone the extra mile to assist me in my development."

Martin, Apprentice Engineer

Reasons to join our team

At ZX Lidars, our ‘6 ZX Career Promises’ underpin our approach to supporting our ZX Family of wind Lidar pioneers, and help to develop life-long careers in a caring, inclusive, and welcoming environment:


Thought Leaders

An opportunity to work in a disruptive progressive technology company with global reach.



Harnessing innovation through cutting-edge R&D and engineering, coupled with inspiring purpose-built working facilities and benefits. Providing career opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).


Net Zero

We are committed to achieving Net Zero – reduce, re-use, recycle, in all we do.


People First

We care for our team and consider we are all part of the ZX Family. We believe in developing sustainable, rewarding and secure careers for life; a way of life. We are committed to team wellbeing, inclusion, and diversity.


Flexible Working

We encourage time spent together as a team but support working from the location most appropriate for the work at hand


Rewarding and Empowering Careers

An inspiring, exciting and friendly working environment with the opportunity for professional growth.

Hear from our people

ZX Lidars
ZX Measurements
ZX Innovations
ZX Operations

Joshua, Software Test Engineer

For me it is crucial to work somewhere that aligns with my values and I have definitely found that in ZX Lidars. Not only are we a company that strives towards a greener future, but also an environment where we are valued as individuals.

I have freedom to work in ways that suit me and can pursue my own endeavors.

Joshua, Software Test Engineer

Renate, Inventory Technician

I joined ZX 9 months ago, having never worked in a similar field. I was pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome, the amount of support, training, and help I received coupled with the professionalism and friendliness of my colleagues.

My current role as an inventory technician allows me to apply my organisational and communication skills and to grow on a personal and professional level. What stands out to me about ZX is their modern work practices, green initiative and all of the hard-working individuals who are part of the company.


Wulstan, Sales Manager

I joined the Sales Team at ZX Lidars 8 years ago after skipping university and shunning the draw of a bigger city. I was fresh into the wind industry and in denial about wanting a career in sales, but I think it’s fair to say ZX took a chance on me, and I’ve never looked back.

I’ve found a real home here, in a diverse team where everyone genuinely contributes something different. That’s one of the strengths of working here, and of the wind industry as a whole; you’ll be welcomed warmly and valued for exactly who you are, with plenty of encouragement and support to grow. After almost a decade I still learn something new every day, talking to people from all corners of the world, in a job that can really make a difference.


Laura, Finance Manager

Living in a part of the country normally known for its agriculture and tradition, having the opportunity to work for a company at the cutting edge of technology is really exciting. I hadn’t previously thought much about the industries I had worked in, but now I’m in the renewable energy sector I’ve found a new pride in my work.

With the company experiencing year-on-year growth and investing in its own future, I look forward to developing myself and growing with it. As well as ZX headquarters being located in the picturesque countryside, the working practices are agile and modern. This allows me to be flexible; balancing my week between home and the office whilst maintaining a close-knit team.

Laura, Finance Manager

Ian, R&D Technician

I have worked for ZX Lidars in the R&D/NPD department for nearly three years.

As a department we produce prototypes, carry out field testing and conduct experiments with the aim of increasing the company product range and promoting our technology within the wind energy sector.

Since joining the company, I have progressed in many ways with new skills and qualifications gained and all offered by ZX Lidars. Such achievements are Workshop/Lab Supervisor, Company First Aider, Fire Marshall and recently I have become IOSH qualified.

Ian, R&D Technician

Seyi, Senior Scientist

I enjoy solving technical problems and find the opportunity to apply physics and mathematical analyses within a business-driven environment is just right for me.


Megan, Environment & Sustainability Officer

My role at ZX aligned perfectly with the knowledge and skills I have acquired since graduating from University in being able to support the integration of sustainability and environmental practice in the business.

My role is dynamic, and extremely fulfilling, where there are always opportunities to build and progress. Being able to work with others who also share a passion to make a positive difference is incredibly rewarding and the ZX team are so welcoming, supportive and knowledgeable.

Megan, Environmental and Sustainability Officer

Nathan, Head of Tools & Validations

I joined ZX in 2018 as a Data analyst straight from University where I had just finished my PhD. I found an ideal workplace at ZX which has allowed me to get involved in a wide range of activities and put the skills I learnt during my time at university to the test. I’ve also been lucky enough to advance my career here and have the pleasure now of being the Head of Tools and Validation where I take responsible for the quality of the data our products produce and more!


Martin, Apprentice Engineer

I am currently in my final year as an apprentice with ZX Lidars, where I work in the Production and Product Support facility as a service technician. My role is to service, repair and upgrade customer owned lidars which are returned to base. This involves inspecting and testing each lidar, fault finding where appropriate and recommending the work required.

There are lots of knowledgeable, experienced and friendly people within ZX that have always gone the extra mile to assist me in my development. It is genuinely a fun place to work and has motivated me in a way that I didn’t know was possible.

Martin, Apprentice Engineer

Robin, Senior Electronics Engineer

ZX is a small team, but has consistently led the field of wind Lidar. Having been with ZX for 3 years there is no shortage of work-understanding customer feedback, emerging technologies and innovation.

The dynamic world of science and technology in a renewable market requires focus, leveraging every facet to maintain that market lead while producing quality data that is used to justify vast investments in the wind energy sector. I talk daily to diverse, capable and interesting staff which really makes a difference in this field. You are never far from someone who has something to add to the situation.

Robin, Senior Electronics Engineer

Jon, Apprentice Engineer

I joined ZXLidars back in 2017. The ZX team are friendly, supportive, welcoming bunch and have been a joy to work alongside and I quickly felt at home and very much a part of the team.

During my time at ZX Lidars, I have watched the company grow at a rapid rate. With this came several opportunities where I was able to take my previous skills and mechanical knowledge and push myself to progress these skills to the next level, getting involved in a few projects along the way.

Jon, Apprentice Engineer

Chris, Senior Scientist

I joined ZX over 10 years ago. As a scientist in the turbine lidar applications team, I’ve been responsible for helping develop and refine our turbine mounted lidars. The job has been super varied – no two days ever the same.  

Highlights have included being atop a range of massive wind turbines, gently swaying 100+ meters above the ground (or the sea), helping clients deploy our lidars all over the world.  Subsequently working with them to assist in analysis of the gigabytes of data that these lidars generate is another type of buzz.


Steven, Engineer

I joined the company 3 years ago. The role and the company appealed to me as it offered the opportunity to apply my experience in instrumentation and wind flow measurements, whilst also developing new skills including project management.

The growth of the company and client base has surpassed my expectations. My work is varied, interesting, and most importantly rewarding.

ZX measurement services

Eva, Finance Manager

I joined ZX Measurement Services as Finance Manager in 2018 shortly after the company first started trading.  It was exciting to have the opportunity to be part of a new business and set up finance processes and procedures to support that new business. 

The business continues to grow in terms of customers, revenues, profitability, premises and staff numbers; it is great to be part of a business with ambitious growth plans.  Working part-time as a home based worker I have found the role to be really flexible. 


Stephen, Senior Support Technician

Working for ZX Measurement Services provides me with a great opportunity to be part of the transition from mast to Lidar and is a great fit for me personally.

ZX MS allows me to build on my experience within the industry as well as developing new skills to meet the demands of a growing company. ZX MS and ZX Lidars are very supportive in meeting my needs and offering a flexible working environment.



Join us in our mission to help the world meet its Net Zero commitments.

Sound interesting? See our roles!

Roles are available within the four focus areas of our business right now. Or maybe you’ve got something to offer that we should hear about. Head over to see out Current Vacancies or to share your CV with us today.

More information about how we manage applicant data can be found here.

Additional Benefits

We support charitable giving, we reserve a proportion of our annual profits for our ZX Corporate Social Responsibility programme. The Adrian Coffey Project, a charitable endeavour supporting local communities and sustainable initiatives globally.

In addition, benefits when working within the ZX Lidars Group include:

Competitive salaries with regular reviews. We adjust to reflect changes in the cost of living, individual performance, increased contribution/responsibility, the company’s performance and to reflect the recruitment market in general.

Company performance-related annual bonus entitlement

Training at all levels; senior management, people of outstanding potential, on the job training and continual personal development training

BUPA health care and Babylon GP access for all in the team

Life and Critical Illness insurance cover

Travel concessions

Team ‘Wellness’ programme

Cycle to work scheme

Electric vehicle salary sacrifice scheme

Pension scheme with generous employer contribution

Discounts using My Benefits platform from many UK retailers

Find The Right Lidar for you

We can help you find the right Lidar for your needs by answering a few questions

Find The Right Lidar for you

What do you need wind data for?

Image Caption 1

Site Assessment

Image Caption 2

Operational Measurements

Image Caption 3


Find The Right Lidar for you

Where do you need to gather data?



Both onshore and offshore

Find The Right Lidar for you

How long do you need this data for?



Small scale projects

Temporary events

Less than 1 year



Small scale projects

Temporary events

1-2 years



Long term projects

Operational measurements

3 years +


Our Recommendation
ZX Lidars - ZX Measurement Services

Learn more
Our Recommendation
ZX Lidars - ZXTM

Validate your wind turbine performance and reach financial close with nacelle based Lidar Power Performance Testing. Optimise asset performance with operational power curve and yaw measurements. Develop wind farm Lidar control strategies with wake steering and load control.

Power Performance Measurements and Testing to IEC standards including IEC 61400-50-3:2022

Accepted by all major turbine OEMs

Unique measurements of wakes and complex flow

True wind shear and wind veer measurements across the whole rotor

Learn more
Our Recommendation
ZX Lidars - ZX300M

Reduce your offshore wind farm project and financial uncertainty by measuring wind characteristics higher than a met mast and by mobilising measurements across a whole site with wind Lidar. Integrated in to all major Floating Buoy platforms.

Wind resource assessment and measurements offshore

Responsible for 95%+ of all new offshore wind measurements globally

£150bn of finance invested in clean energy from ZX 300M data

10-300m range - the widest range available of any Lidar

Learn more
Our Recommendation
ZX Lidars - ZX300

Reduce your onshore wind project and financial uncertainty by measuring wind characteristics higher than a met mast and by mobilising measurements across a whole site with wind Lidar. Be flexible within your planning applications by using a low visual impact, low height device.

Wind resource assessment and measurements onshore

Bankable standalone wind data in simple and complex terrain

Extreme environments, proven operation for 10 years

10-300m range - the widest range available of any Lidar

Learn more

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