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Find The Right Lidar for you

What do you need wind data for?

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Site Assessment

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Operational Measurements

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Find The Right Lidar for you

Where do you need to gather data?



Both onshore and offshore

Find The Right Lidar for you

How long do you need this data for?



Small scale projects

Temporary events

Less than 1 year



Small scale projects

Temporary events

1-2 years



Long term projects

Operational measurements

3 years +


Our Recommendation
ZX Lidars - ZX Measurement Services

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Our Recommendation
ZX Lidars - ZXTM

Validate your wind turbine performance and reach financial close with nacelle based Lidar Power Performance Testing. Optimise asset performance with operational power curve and yaw measurements. Develop wind farm Lidar control strategies with wake steering and load control.

Power Performance Measurements and Testing to IEC standards

Accepted by all major turbine OEMs

Unique measurements of wakes and complex flow

True wind shear and wind veer measurements across the whole rotor

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Our Recommendation
ZX Lidars - ZX300M

Reduce your offshore wind farm project and financial uncertainty by measuring wind characteristics higher than a met mast and by mobilising measurements across a whole site with wind Lidar. Integrated in to all major Floating Buoy platforms.

Wind resource assessment and measurements offshore

Responsible for 95%+ of all new offshore wind measurements globally

£150bn of finance invested in clean energy from ZX 300M data

10-300m range - the widest range available of any Lidar

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Our Recommendation
ZX Lidars - ZX300

Reduce your onshore wind project and financial uncertainty by measuring wind characteristics higher than a met mast and by mobilising measurements across a whole site with wind Lidar. Be flexible within your planning applications by using a low visual impact, low height device.

Wind resource assessment and measurements onshore

Bankable standalone wind data in simple and complex terrain

Extreme environments, proven operation for 10 years

10-300m range - the widest range available of any Lidar

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wind speed at light speed

Accurate, affordable wind Lidars for remote wind measurements.

We are ZX Lidars

Our wind Lidars are deployed globally onshore, offshore and mounted on structures such as wind turbines for wind energy and meteorological applications.

Why Chose ZX Lidars?

We are 100% Lidars

We are specialists. We focus 100% on wind Lidars (Lidar / laser anemometers) and wind Lidar measurements. We have a unique history of innovation, world firsts and were the first to bring Lidars to the commercial market for wind energy. We are led by our customer’s needs and we are positively driving towards a better, more competitive wind industry.

Ease of Use

Our products don’t ordinarily need planning permission and are easy to mobilise and move across different sites and operate in all terrains – simple, complex and forested.

Our Lidars are built to last and have a proven track record of achieving more than 10 years operation, and across 1000’s of deployments globally with a low through-life cost.

Reliable Bankable Data

Our Lidars provide reliable data, accepted by consultants in simple and complex terrain around the world. Our systems are calibrated, they are validated by DNV, Deutsche WindGuard, Natural Power and UL, and have achieved Classification according to IEC 61400-12-1.


Wind data, as a service

We provide access to low cost, accurate and reliable wind measurements from industry-leading wind Lidars, and options for Sodars and met masts to suit every project requirement. We support ZX Lidars, Vaisala, Leosphere and AQSystem.

Our Trusted Service Providers work closely with us to provide global Lidar services locally for your wind energy projects.


Across a broad range of cases previously published by ZX Lidars and Meteodyn incorporating 13 different wind project locations, data presented confirmed that CFD conversion of ZX 300 data in non-homogeneous flow conditions produced excellent agreement with collocated anemometry. As a result of this and other industry bodies of evidence, leading wind engineering organisations, and ZX Lidars, consider the data can be considered as finance-grade in situation.


"We tilt towards Lidar for our monitoring fleet due to the ability to measure wind resource accurately in complex terrain conditions.”

Tilt Renewables

"Our customers are delighted that we are able to offer such a comprehensive wind measurement service from just a handful of locations using the ZX 300 together with a short reference mast. It makes securing the necessary data safer, cheaper and quicker. We look forward to undertaking many more campaigns like this in the coming months and years."

Istos Renewables

"The [ZX Lidars] are easily mobilised from site to site in trailers and provide an instant view of the wind across and above the ranges we lift components at. RPM see Lidars as a key way of promoting Safety First within wind farm construction.”

REG Power Management

"We have successfully completed part of an ongoing project to innovate around the Cost of Energy of our wind farms which has resulted in [ZX Lidars] being selected to support SSE in the replacement of our Permanent Met Masts with Permanent Met [ZX's]. These Lidar systems provide a wider more appropriate set of wind measurements to enable more active operation and optimisation of our wind farms, all without most of the infrastructure and investment required for tall met masts. The [ZX 300] is SCADA-integrated with our turbine supplier, Vestas, making the device very much plug and play. We’ll be using the Lidars to optimise our management of the site including the delivery of turbine power curve measurements.”

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